• Our all taxi rates only in New York City

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Services fares

Manhattan Yonkers  
Before DMV
  After DMV
JFK $55 $65 $70
La Guardia $45 $55 $60
MC Arthur $125 $135 $140
Newark $75 $85 $90
Westchester $60 $50 $45

$70 $80     
  • Local Fare Minimum up to $40.
  • For booking a driver use the web reservation area, For an instant pick up please call us or use our Android or iOS app
  • Waiting time including the Bronx and Manhattan are $35 Hour Minimum 1 Hour and must be paid up front.
  • If credit card is used a surcharge of $3 will be applied.
  • New Jersey: price from the book.
  • In case of snow or heavy rain the fares will include $3.
  • Minimum for vouchers accounts are $10.
  • Tolls are not included.


**PLEASE NOTE: Rates do not include tolls, Parking additional waiting time and gratuity of choice.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice,and may be higher during holidays, peak times and special events.
Prices may vary based on pick up and drop of locations.